2nd German Masters (EBGT VII)

The most international competition in Germany was back in Munich. Over 15 nations were represented at the 2nd German Masters to compete for points, qualification and victory at the last stop of the European backgammon Tour 2013.

Charis Christidis from Greece came in victorious over Petri Pietilä from Finland, who has started in an incredible way and seemed for long time to be unstoppable. Christidis had to play and beat Pietilä twice in a row at the end to take the victory. Congratulations also to thrid place, Götz Hildsberg from Germany, who made his appearance back on the tournament scene, as well as 4th place, Michel Lamote from Belgium.

The winner of the Leisure Group was Laurence Sinitzky from France. Her first attendance beyond the Novice Group led to her first victory over second place, Airat Mitchin from Russia.

Winners of the Doubles: Frank Simon (Germany) & Götz Hildsberg (Germany) over Rune Farevag (Norway) & Marion Weeber (Germany)

Speedgammon winner: Frank Simon (Germany), Finalist: Kamil Karaali (Turkey)

Winner of the Chouette tournament: Christian Plenz (Germany), 2nd place: Marcel Büker (Germany)

Winner of DMP-Challenge: Kamil Karaali (Turkey), Finalist: Chiva Tafazzoli (Iran/Germany)

Special awards went to: Zoltan Kovacs (Hungary), Fernando Braconi (Italy), Nodar Gagua (Georgia/Russia) and Konstantinos Efthymiadis (Greece)

Congratulations to all !