German Masters Series

Welcome to the first series of backgammon tournaments in Germany!

Backgammon is the oldest game on the planet and enjoyed by millions of players worldwide but modern backgammon has its biggest community in Europe. The GERMAN MASTERS SERIES (GMS) 2016 is a the first and unique series of tournaments unifying 4 tournaments in 4 German key-cities and a Grand Finale for 16 qualified players to compete for a prize-pool of estimated 5,000 €. Initiated by Chiva Tafazzoli (World Backgammon Association - WBA), the makers of the prestigioues EBGT in order to promote modern backgammon as a sport of the mind and top game of skill.

The most prestigious Tour in Germany is ongoing, the German Masters Series (GMS)

Each round you win in the Elite Division will contribute to your masterpoints. For each round, 10 points for each match played and won will be distributed in the Main Event + 5 points for each match played and won in Ultimate Fight. Additionally, 10 points will be awarded for each participation.

The top 2 players of each stop of the Tour and the top 8 overall performers will qualify for the Grand Finale of the GMS. In case a player is already qualified, the next in line will qualify. In case of a tie, a separate match will decide over the qualification.

10% of the prize-pool of the Elite Division of each stop will go towards the Grand Finale Prize-Pool. The Grand Finale will feature 16 players and will be held in a knockout format of 11 points (final 13 points). The prize-pool will be awarded to the top 2 players of the Grand Finale.

Come and join the biggest names of the game and take part at this fabulous Tour, happening for the first time.

  • German Masters Berlin: 18-21 February 2016
  • German Masters Munich: 16-19 June 2016
  • German Masters Köln: 14-17 July 2016
  • German Masters Frankfurt: 30 September - 3 October 2016
  • Grand Finale in Prague : 24 & 25 November 2016, prior to Prague Open & Masters (25-27 November)