Grand Finale German Masters 2016

We are happy to have a prestigious Grand Finale, featuring several Backgammon Giants and Grandmasters from different countries. 

The Grand Finale will take place in Prague on 24 and 25 of November 2016, prior to the Prague Open & Masters. It will be played with clocks in a Knockout-format, 11 point matches (final match 13 points). 

The winner receives 1.500 € + a custom made GMS backgammon board + a unique trophy. The finalist receives 1.250 € + a unique trophy. 

There will be a registration fee of 50 € and a daily flat charge of 30 € which includes unlimited consumption of soft drinks (water, juices, sodas) in the playing room as well as a dinner buffet (with a choice of meat/fish/vegetarian). 

We recommend to arrive no later than Thursday 24th of November 17:00 and not to leave before Monday 28th of November, as the seated awards dinner will take place around 22:00 on Sunday. 

Please be aware that seats are not transferrable, nor can they be sold. In case of no-show, players will be substituted by the next available player from the final Point Race Standing by order of ranking. In the unlikely event that not all of the 16 spots can be filled, byes will be attributed in the first round at a public random draw. 

It is advised to make your room reservation as soon as possible, as the room block at the preferred price is limited and only valid until 15. October 2016. To reserve your room at 70€/night single or 75€/night double, including breakfast and wifi, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., mentioning the Code: Backgammon241116. Past the cut-off date, rooms will only be on availability basis and rates might change.

The Grand Majestic Hotel**** is very centrally located. All sightseeing spots are within walking distance and features all amenities of an international 4-stars hotel. 

Please confirm your availability and your participation as soon as possible per email. Should you not make it, please also send a message, so you can be replaced in a timely manner. 

For those who will be out of the Grand Finale, the Prague Open will be available to play and the Prague Masters, starting on 25th of November. 

Good luck to all and see you in beautiful Prague!

Prague Open & Masters 2016

Welcome to Prague, one of the most beautiful Capitals in Europe !

The WBA event in 2016 will also feature the Grand Finale of the GERMAN MASTERS SERIES 2016 for 16 pre-qualified players on 24th and 25th of November 2016, followed by the PRAGUE OPEN & Masters until 27th of November.

Highlights of the event:

  • PRAGUE OPEN, free entry event (25€ registration), re-entries possible as long as available, 500 € guaranteed to the winner, 5 point matches, knockout format.
  • PRAGUE MASTERS, affordable entry fees and competitive T-Swiss format.
  • Unlimited consumption of soft drinks (water, juices, sodas) in the playing room and a daily dinner buffet (choice of meat/fish/vegetarian) for just 30€ cover daily (mandatory for all players and social guests).
  • NO late registration fees !
  • 4-stars hotel with all amenities, centrally located and within walking distance of all sightseeing spots, at a preferred rate of 70€/night single and 75€/night double, including breakfast and free wifi. Bookings need to be done before end of October as the room block is limited in numbers and time.
  • Various Side-events (DMP, SpeedGammon, Doubles, Mini-Jackpots).
  • Seated dinner and awards ceremony on Sunday 27th November.
  • Professional and high-class tournament equipment provided.
  • International Participation of competitors, featuring several Backgammon Giants and Grandmasters.
  • Fun, friendly & social atmosphere on top of high quality competition.

Start making travel plans, download your personal brochure and sign-up to secure your spot

See you all in beautiful Prague end of November for a weekend of fun and competition...


Download this file (Prag2016.pdf)Brochure Prague 2016[PDF-File]5113 kB

Jörgen Granstedt is 3rd time World Champion

Jörgen Granstedt (Sweden) just became backgammon World Champion a few minutes ago, defeating another former World Champion from 1989, Joe Russell (USA).

Joe, undefeated until the finals, had to face Jörgen, who after his loss in the main bracket, had to win 9 matches in a row and beat Joe twice to take the title.

Jörgen Granstedt is the only person winning the title in Monte-Carlo three times (1999, 2001 and 2016).

Congratulations !


WBA is now BMAB Partner

WBA Events in 2016 are in accordance with BMAB Partnership Program.

Recording is allowed. Matches of the players wanting to be rated and ranked for BMAB will be accepted as such in accordance with the BMAB rules.

The tournaments in Munich, Köln, Portugal, Frankfurt and Prague will be BMAB labelled.

German Masters Series to take place in 2016

Great news for 2016 !

The German Masters Series will take place in the heart of Continental Europe, unifying 4 tournaments and a Grand Finale in 2016:

  • 18-21 February: German Masters Series: Berlin Open & Masters, Victor´s Residenz Hotel Am Friedrichshain
  • 16-19 June: German Masters Series: Munich Open & Masters, Leonardo-Arabella Hotel
  • 14-17 July: German Masters Series: Köln Open & Masters, Leonardo Hotel am Stadtwald
  • 30 September - 03 October: German Masters Series: Frankfurt Open & Masters, Holiday-Inn Hotel Airport North
  • Grand Finale: 24-25. November in Prague (Czech)

The best performers of each tournament, as well as the best performers of the Tour will meet in a Grand Finale to compete for the German Master 2016 title and substantial prizes.

Stay tuned for more information and mark your calendars right away !

WBA Ranking 2015

The top-performers of WBA 2015 are announced.

Among the 100 unique players in the Elite Division of the WBA tournaments, Backgammon Giant Tobias HELLWAG (Germany) scored the most points, followed by Francenso MAURI (Italy) and Markus KLEIN (Germany). 2014-winner Michael URBAN finished 5th place, after Pavel ZAORAL (Czech Republic).

Congratulations to all. The first 3 of the ranking will receive their special award at the German Masters in Berlin, from 18th to 21st of February 2016.

A new race will be on in 2016, featuring all stops of the German Masters Series (18-21 February in Berlin, 19-22 May in Munich, 14-17 July in Köln, 30 Sep - 03 Oct in Frankfurt), as well as the 11th Portuguese Open & Masters (03-7 August in Carcavelos) in August and the Prague Open & Masters (24-27 November).


Download this file (WBA Point Race 2015-20150831.pdf)WBA 2015 Final Ranking[pdf file]299 kB

German Masters Berlin 2016

Congratulations to Giant Tobias HELLWAG (Germany), winner of the German Masters Berlin 2016.

Official results:

Berlin Open: Winner: Rochus WEGENER (Germany), Finalist: Michael URBAN (Germany)

BERLIN MASTERS ELITE: Winner: Tobias HELLWAG (Germany), 2nd: Marcus REINHARD (Germany), 3rd.: Ruedi ALTERMATT (Switzerland), 4th: Markus KLEIN (Germany), Winner Ultimate Fight: Norbert WIEBUSCH (Germany)

BERLIN MASTERS LEISURE: Winner: Vitali OLCHANSKI (Russia/Germany), 2nd: Dr. Richard FIEGEN (Germany), 3rd: Mikael STENSTRUP (Denmark), 4th: Igor BAKUNOWIZKI (Russia/Germany)

DOUBLES: Winners: Frank DIMON (Germany ) & Peter HEITMÜLLER (Germany)

DMP-CHALLENGE: Winner: Ralf SUDBRAK (Germany), Finalist: Rochus WEGENER (Germany)

SPEEDGAMMON: Winner: Thibaud THOMPSON (Switzerland), Finalist: Jan CERNY (Czech)

SPECIAL AWARDS: Christina & Carter MATTIG (USA), Vicki CERNY (Czech), Thomas LÖW (Germany), Zdenek ZIZKA (Czech), Faruk KOCAER (Turkey)

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all participants !

See you all at the next stop in Munich and next year in Berlin !


Download this file (FO BG German Masters BERLIN_4.pdf)Brochure GMS Berlin 2016[PDF-File]962 kB

World Backgammon Day - 20th March 2016

20th March is "World Backgammon Day" !!!

Celebrate the oldest game on the planet and enjoy it with your friends all around the world.  Play a few games live or online.  Organize meetings and events in your city and neighbourhood. Backgammon groups and clubs should organize special events and tournaments on that day.

Spread out the word and let everyone know the date of this worldwide event.

1st Köln Open 2015

WBA wishes to thank all participants of the inaugural Köln Open, which took place from 3rd to 6th of July 2015.

Official results:

Elite Group: Winner: Marcus REINHARD (Germany), 2nd place: Michael HORCHLER (Germany), 3rd place: Ed BAARS (Netherlands), 4th place: Michael RAMSEY (Iran/USA), winner Ultimate Fight: Pavel ZAORAL (Czech Republic)

Leisure Group: Winner: Arthr BARTH (Germany), 2nd place: Marcel JOCHEM (Germany), 3rd place: Jochen KIEFFER (Germany)

Doubles winners: Tobias HELLWAG (Germany) & Andreas BÜNZ (Germany)

DMP-Challenge: Michael URBAN (Germany)

SpeedGammon: Pavel ZAORAL (Czech Republic)

Faster-Master Super-Jackpot: Kimon PAPACHRISTOPOULOS (Greece/Germany)

Special Award winners: Stevan HAMMOND (USA), Francesco MAURI (Italy), Mehmet ISMAIL (Turkey)

Congrats to all performaers and many thanks to our sponsors effect energy drinks and Pasche Nightclub.

See you all in Köln again next year. from 21st to 24th of July 2016 !


Download this file (KoelnOpen2015.pdf)Brochure Köln Open 2015[PDF File]2868 kB

2nd Innsbruck Open 2015

Congratulations to Leon DOREL (Romania), winner of the 2nd Innsbruck Open, who also wins a free hotel stay during the upcoming Köln Open. Kudos to finalist Peter BLACHIAN (Germany), as well as 3rd place Franceso MAURI (Italy) who takes the lead in the 2015 WBA Point Race, and to Michael URBAN (Germany) finishing 4th in Innsbruck.

Thanks to the particpants, the Hilton Innsbruck, and to Casino Innsbruck for their support.


Download this file (FolderInnsbruck2015.pdf)Brochure Innsbruck Open 2015[PDF File]5934 kB