What's WBA

The WBA (WORLD BACKGAMMON ASSOCIATION) was founded in 2001 in Beverly Hills / California by Chiva K. Tafazzoli and operates from its Headquarters in Malta. WBA - WORLD BACKGAMMON ASSOCIATION is dedicated to the game of Backgammon and has become the leading authority of the game. WBA promotes the game internationally and worldwide by:

  • supporting local clubs and associations
  • setting up local, national and international tournaments
  • helping with knowhow and sponsors
  • WBA not only has close personal contact to the best players in the world, but also provides with an excellent network within the backgammon circuit and related medias
  • Synergetic marketing strategies of sponsors (mainly casinos worldwide and luxury brands) can be developed and combined with our efforts to guarantee a high potential of success and satisfaction.

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