GMS Standings

The Point Race:

Regardless of the format of each stop, every match you win in the Elite Division division counts towards the Point Race.

Regardless of the match length, for each match played (byes and sit-outs do not count) and won in the main round 10 points and in Ultimate Fight 5 points. Additionally, 10 points are awarded for each participation at any of the stops. In case of a play-off, each match played and won will add 5 points to a player.

Players who qualify directly for the Grand Finale by being in the top 2 of a stop will not be considered in the Point Race and can´t qualify a second time.

The top 8 performers in the Point Race will be granted an entry to the Grand Finale. Should a player be already qualified, the next best gets the qualification spot. Should any of the qualified players not be present at the Grand Finale, his spot will be given to the next available player of the Point Race, according to his ranking (from highest to lowest).

Seats are not transferable and can´t be sold. No direct buy-ins to the Grand Finale.

Each stop of the Tour will deduct 10% from the prize-pool (and the Added Money) of the Elite Group to contribute and pay for the entries of qualifying winners from the Point Race.

16 real players will take part at the Grand Finale. In the unlikely event of a qualified player wins a stop or be among the qualifying places, the next best qualifies. 

Should the last qualifying spot of the Point Race show an equal number between 2 or more players, the one with the most participation at stops of the Tour will qualify.


Download this file (GMS Point Race 2016 - 20160719.pdf)GMS Point Race as of 19th July 2016[PDF File]305 kB