EBGT VII (2013)

The 7th consecutive year of the "European Backgammon Tour" will mark a new era: more stops, more countries, more players, a new unified format !!!!

Direct stop winner and Point Race top-performers will form a field of 19 to 25 pre-qualified players, competing  will compete in a Grand Finale for a prize-pool of 19,000 € to 25,000€ cash.

The Grand Finale of EBGT 2013 will take place from 21st to 23rd of July 2014 in Munich, right after the Munich Open. The new date and new makes it easier to access and places during a time when many have holidays. It allows international players to experience a Backgammon Summer, starting in Munich, followed by Cannes, Monaco and Portugal, back to back during one month.

At the first stop (5th Istavder Anniversary Tournament) in Istanbul, Parviz ROKH (Iran) emerged victorious and is the first qualified player of the ongoing EBGT. Congratulations to Ralf JONAS (Germany) for winning the Nordic Open 2013 and qualifying himself for the Grand Finale of EBGT 2013. Kudos to backgammon Giant Masayuki MOCHIZUKI "Mochy" (Japan) for qualifying by winning the European Pro Championship 2013. After 4 years of absence on the backgammon scene, Joel SCHIFF (Israel) makes a terrific comeback to win the Vienna Open 2013. Congratulations! Another backgammon Giant from Japan, Michihito KAGEYAMA "Michi", qualifies for the Grand Finale by taking the option after his victory at the 2nd Munich Open. Congratulations to Jürgen ORLOWSKI (Germany) for winning the Portuguese Open and taking the lead in the EBGT Point Race. Kare ARONSSON from Sweden qualifies directly for the Grand Finale by winning the Swedish Open 2013. Congrats! Tilman SÖHNCHEN (Germany) wins the 1st Gibraltar Open and qualifies for the EBGT Grand Finale 2013. Congratulations! Maya PEYCHEVA (Bulgaria) qualifies by winning the 6th Cyprus Open and will join the Grand Finale 2013. Well done and congrats!

The current Point Race can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BykmRFJYqcWyUGZLTjc3REdiSDA/edit

For more info, please check the official EBGT website.