1st Köln Open 2015

WBA wishes to thank all participants of the inaugural Köln Open, which took place from 3rd to 6th of July 2015.

Official results:

Elite Group: Winner: Marcus REINHARD (Germany), 2nd place: Michael HORCHLER (Germany), 3rd place: Ed BAARS (Netherlands), 4th place: Michael RAMSEY (Iran/USA), winner Ultimate Fight: Pavel ZAORAL (Czech Republic)

Leisure Group: Winner: Arthr BARTH (Germany), 2nd place: Marcel JOCHEM (Germany), 3rd place: Jochen KIEFFER (Germany)

Doubles winners: Tobias HELLWAG (Germany) & Andreas BÜNZ (Germany)

DMP-Challenge: Michael URBAN (Germany)

SpeedGammon: Pavel ZAORAL (Czech Republic)

Faster-Master Super-Jackpot: Kimon PAPACHRISTOPOULOS (Greece/Germany)

Special Award winners: Stevan HAMMOND (USA), Francesco MAURI (Italy), Mehmet ISMAIL (Turkey)

Congrats to all performaers and many thanks to our sponsors effect energy drinks and Pasche Nightclub.

See you all in Köln again next year. from 21st to 24th of July 2016 !


Download this file (KoelnOpen2015.pdf)Brochure Köln Open 2015[PDF File]2868 kB