XII. Portuguese Masters & "José Salema Memorial" 2017

Come to Portugal - Play Backgammon - Enjoy Holidays

This year’s Portuguese Open will be marked as “José Salema Memorial”, the well-known international backgammon traveler, high-roller and casino-lover from Portugal who sadly passed away in the past year. José contributed to the Portuguese Open to take place many years ago. We will keep his memory alive by celebrating backgammon near his residence in Portugal.

The “sunshine, beach and family” event will take place for the 12th time in a row at the Riviera Hotel**** in Carcavelos with shops, restaurants, cafés and the beach nearby.

The very loose schedule will allow vacation on the beach, extensive social dinners with friends, daily Chouette action by the pool and sightseeing trips in the morning.

Various side-events will be lined up and we´ll have “farewell”-drinks on the beach after the awards ceremony and the finger-food on the last day.

Come and enjoy the excellent food and wines, the warm sunshine, the sandy beaches and the inexpensive and lavish lifestyle, after the Monte Carlo tournaments, and enjoy as a contrast the relaxing “backgammon holidays” among friends and with your family.

Make sure to reserve your room quickly since the hotel is always quickly sold out in August.


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